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Each original artwork has been handmade with love and is a unique one off. The colour may vary slightly depending on weather conditions on the day of creation, however they are all a tone of blue and I have tried my best to capture them as accurately as possible. All of my prints have been created using natural sunlight, my own photographs and wild plants I find on my country dog walks, always making a conscious effort to take a few leaves here and there as to not disturb the wildlife. Cyanotype is a process dating back to 1842 which involves a photo sensitive emulsion applicable to most materials that when exposed to UV light turns blue , leaving a white silhouette wherever the light was obstructed. The artwork is supplied, signed, dated and mounted and dispatched in a stiffened envelope The art itself measures 210mm x 297mm (A4) and 297mm x 420mm (A3) with the black mount. If you do not wish for the work to be mounted, please message me upon purchase. For more information about my art feel free to message me, visit or give me a follow on instagram @georgiemooreart

Cyanotype Beetle

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