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About Me.

Nudes and nature are my most prominent source of inspiration and subject. I believe that depicting people in their most natural form expresses a sense of honesty and vulnerability. Furthermore, clothes would date the image and constrict the artwork to a precise moment in time. I try to make the era and location somewhat ambiguous and unrecognizable, because I like to create images that are both comforting with their familiarity, but also raise curiosity and questions open to each personal interpretation.


In an aim to rekindle a somewhat lost relationship with something that is fundamental to our survival and well-being, my work focuses on the human relationship with nature. Female forms are reoccurring in my practice as they too have the ability to create and bring new life to the world. For this reason, they play the role of a metaphor for mother nature herself. Furthermore, I often include animals that I have had personal experiences with and enjoy researching their symbolic meaning


I begin by roughly sketching out my idea, and then do a cyanotype print; a photosensitive chemical process which needs to be exposed in the sun. The outcome varies dramatically depending on weather conditions and time of year. I then paint over the print with acrylic paint. The cyanotype stains the canvas, whereas the acrylic sits on the surface, creating a real contrast in textures. Furthermore, it combines a natural phenomenon with a man made medium. I also enjoy playing with scale by having recognisable plants larger than the figures, as it emphasizes how we are a small part of the world and not the center, nor the most significant...


2024    Permanent exhibition, Together Culture, Fitzroy Street, Cambridge 

2023     Summer Arts, W3 Gallery, Acton, London

2022    BYOA, Motion sickness, Cambridge, UK

2021      La grange, Saint pardoux corbier, France  


2019     The Free Range Show ,  The Truman Brewery, London  

             Final Degree Show,  Arts University Bournemouth  


2018      Exhibition by Arts University,  Kiosk 7, Copenhagen, Denmark   

              Anachronism,  Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Bournemouth, UK  

2017      Visual Thinking  Arts University Bournemouth, UK  


2016     Henley College Art Foundation Show, The Old Fire Station Gallery, Henley-on-Thames, UK  


2019  Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art,   Arts university of Bournemouth            

2016 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, Henley College, Henley-on-Thames  

2015 French Baccalaureate in Literature,  Philosophy and Art , Lycee d'Arsonval, Brive la Gaillarde, France    

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